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Updated on September 1, 2019 at 1:13 pm by Mehmet Egemen Albayrak

Reputation is the only accepted currency in the world of work. Instead of hunting, opportunities will come to you. I personally experienced the flogging the dead horse. Without any achievement, it is hard to, in my opinion, impossible to convince people to hire you for either a freelance or a full-time job. And juggling or trying to mesmerize the employer like a peacock is hard, I don’t say ineffective but it requires tremendous effort. The best way of getting hired is branding yourself to employers acknowledge you and your skills. With a pre-formed mind, it is easier and more probable employer to hire you.

Let’s speak a little about what employers want. We are pawns of the trading world and we have to offer something which can be converted to a unit agreed on by society. If you study economics, we will see terms like “marginal product of labor”. To increase profit, we must increase productivity per worker or work. To do that we need to be creative and innovative.

Employers want to offer unique things to customers, perceived as better than their competitors. And they want the highest possible price for that. To be able to offer different, you need creativity. And Creativity emerges from the unity of different people with different abilities. If you are not creative, you cannot provide the “differentiation” employer needs. You provide what everybody else provides. When you do that, you don’t become a unique employee, you become a commodity. This is the real problem of software engineering today.

But be careful about being a part of the organization because it can be a one-way relationship. Today’s work life is rapid, changing fast and let’s be honest, merciless. We see lots of examples of laid-off employees, even though they are great workers. Loyalty and longevity are the worlds of yesterday. People need to know who you are and what you do for them, for the company. Because when deciding who to keep when laying off, they are looking for the sharpest needle in the haystack. To be that, you must promote and make your uniqueness memorable.

Do you realize something in this attitude? You don’t count on external forces like waiting for acknowledgment and appreciation of the others, you take control and make them acknowledge you. Don’t count on external forces, you can’t control them and they may not work for you, you experienced that before. Don’t surrender to circumstances. Make yourself a brand. And know that branding is not just a logo or tagline, and not just a bunch of marketing activities. Branding is an organization’s or person’s actions, communications, offerings, and interactions. Branding is everything you do, did and going to do.

The goal of personal branding is to showcase your positive brand attributes while diminishing your negative brand attributes. Focusing and trying to improve your weaknesses instead of increasing strengths is a mistake. According to new “The Strengths Movement” which started in 2001 with the book Now, Discover Your Strengths. We focus on our weaknesses instead of improving strengths – which is more effective – because of our education in schools. Our schools are guiding us to work on the subject which we fail and this creates a learned behavior. Don’t fall to that mistake. Improve your strengths be known for them. No one will remember you for how you close the gap between your strong and weak skills, they will remember you for what you do best.

You should spend your time on improving the skills you enjoy and talented. These skills are called motivational skills. The opposite skill which you hate to use even though you are very talented is a burnout skill. An example is reading marketing reports all day, excelling at it but also hating it. You will want to change jobs soon. Most people are busy thinking about what will they do with their vacations instead of their life because of that.

Waiting for desired moments in future is a mistake. Waiting means not living this moment until the next moment happens. This equals to not living, in other words, death. And if you delay your wishes and passion; the moment for them will never come, because our system is designed to keep you in the same situation, stagnant for your whole life. So if you are not in hunger or danger, try to be creative, force yourself to be creative to create a solution for doing your passion. If you speak with a mental advisor, he or she will tell you how important it is to do things you love for your general motivation.

To know what you like, you should know yourself. Usually, we do things for a purpose. Our purpose is there for a vision that we are passionate about, it is our goal. Why do we have this purpose? Because of our values. Before expressing anything you should define your vision, goals, purpose, passion, and values. Because if you want to lead people, they have to know who you are and what you stand for.

Thank you for reading. I hope this blog post gave you some insights to change your life in a positive way. For more specific information you can read one of the resources I benefit from. If you want to ask something or just say your good wishes, don’t forget to comment. You can share the post with others if you think they will benefit. Also, you can subscribe by clicking here for more well-thought and unique content. I wish you a good day.

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