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Updated on July 12, 2019 at 3:54 pm by Mehmet Egemen Albayrak

I wanted a blog, a place where I can share my understandings and elaborations for a long time. Before this blog occupies the domain, there was a simple one-page website which redirected people to my github and medium accounts.

I didn’t want to put all of my effort on Same things are regurgitated there many times and I didn’t want to write just for writing.

Why do I write? My main purpose is meeting new people. I thought blogging is a good way of an excuse for an interaction. And I am hopeful about those interactions because…

I am aiming for high quality. I am thinking of starting with the book notes and putting together in a meaningful way, blending with programming. I know how to assist learning so I assume my content will be really easy to understand and delighting to read. I meditate a lot in delivering concise, clear content.

What will be in this blog? I am thinking about soft skills I acquire and programming knowledge. I try to read quality and essential content about those fields and hoping to deliver them in the best way you can understand.

Who am I? I am Mehmet Egemen (Albayrak). I am in love with science, actively mingling with it and programming since the age of 8. I love physics, biology, mathematics, computer science, and software engineering very much. I have a hobby of creating programs which output a lot to console and watching them, usually, they are scrapers. I try to learn everything in every field so I consider myself a generalist. I love the technical side of things. I devote my entire day to learn something, I believe we need to learn and apply a lot to solve in this world and we should work for it, so work for it and stay away from daily distractions. I love to meet with new people, I think meeting new people and learning from their unique minds is almost cheating.

This is the first post about my blog. I wanted to write it as a placeholder and also wanted to express why this blog is here. We will enjoy lots of quality content, I’ll try to be unique.

I wish you a great day.


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